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Matthew E. Minnich, S.E.

Direct: (219) 525-3114



Purdue University: West Lafayette, IN
Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering (1998)


Professional Registration

Licensed Structural Engineer – Illinois



Mr. Minnich has over two decades of structural design experience on a wide variety of buildings and building components utilizing structural steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, timber, and cold-formed steel.  He has managed numerous structural projects in the Chicago area for more than 15 years and joined Enspect, Inc. in 2010.   

Whether working on projects large or small, he understands the importance of clear communication through each phase of the project cycle.  Mr. Minnich has designed and managed a variety of structural design projects including shopping centers, schools, health care facilities, multi-level apartment buildings, restoration and renovation projects, high-end residences, restaurants, office buildings, heavy industrial components, warehouses, component design, as well as various other architectural products.    

Mr. Minnich’s professional career started in 1998 with an Ohio based firm specializing in the design of tilt-up concrete buildings constructed throughout the Midwest, Florida, and Puerto Rico.  In 2002, he moved to the Chicago area working for a small structural engineering firm and served as a project engineer on numerous commercial buildings and residential projects.  After an 8 year tenure with this firm, he was brought on board with Enspect, Inc. where he continues to lead projects through the entire cycle from preliminary budgeting studies and design through shop drawing and construction overview.  Mr. Minnich was promoted to Associate Principal of Enspect, Inc. in 2014 as he continues to collaborate with architects, contractors, and building owners to ensure that the projects are completed in a timely and cost-effective manner while producing high quality deliverables to our clients.