Inspection Services

We provide engineering and inspection services necessary to rehabilitate structures and equipment as a result of corrosion, fatigue damage, overload, impact damage or general wear and tear. Typically, when we perform detailed inspections of structures and equipment, we document the deficiencies on drawings in a format suitable for implementing repairs and when required or requested by the client, provide the engineering design and detail drawings necessary to implement repairs including shop fabrication detail drawings. We have provided these services for most structures and equipment found in heavy industry.


The specific industrial facilities where we perform these services on a routine basis include the following:

  • Integrated Steel Mills
  • Blast Furnace Reline Inspections
  • Lime Plants
  • Utility Companies
  • Refineries
  • Finishing Mills
  • Warehouses
  • Material Handling Plants
  • Paper Plants
  • Food Processing Plants



Emergency Response:


We provide engineering and inspection services for rehabilitation of structures and equipment during emergency situations including structural failures, equipment impacts, hot metal spills and burn-throughs. In these situations, we provide a team of inspectors and engineers to assess the damage, prepare documents/drawings for implementing repairs, as well as direct and assist the contractors or client maintenance forces in implementing repairs.

Enspect routinely provides this service and we are accustomed to working around the clock until the facility is back in operations. Some examples of projects for which we performed emergency response services are as follows:

  • BOF Control Room Replacement – Due to a hot metal spill adjacent to a BOF control room the multi-story control room was severely damaged requiring complete replacement. Enspect provided the inspection services to define the extent of damage and engineering services to repair or replace the damaged control room and associated support structure. During the course of the project, engineering design and drawings were performed so improvements could be made to the existing control room to improve personnel egress.
  • Highline Track Failure – A structural failure of a highline track stringer caused an engine to fall into the adjacent ore yard.  Enspect provided an inspection of the complete 2000 feet of highline and provided detailed repair drawings on an immediate basis and repairs were promptly implemented. Enspect personnel were on site for 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week until all inspections and repair drawings were completed and repairs were implemented and verified.
  • Electric Furnace Shell Burn-Through - due to a shell burn through, the trunion frame of the furnace sustained significant damage.  As a result, Enspect, Inc. provided the engineering and inspection services to assess the conditions and formulate repairs.  The repairs consisted of designing a structure to temporarily support the furnace and trunion in such a way that enabled jacking the furnace vertically, as well as stabilizing and aligning the damaged section of trunion so that it could be cut out and replaced.


Extended Outage/Reline Planning:


Many of our inspection and rehabilitation projects focus on defining the repairs required during planned outages or relines. These projects typically include inspections of many different structures and equipment associated with a facility which will be taken down for maintenance during the extended outage or reline. Enspect usually completes the inspections during operations or limited downtimes prior to the extended outage or reline and prepares drawings which can be given to contractors for bidding and/or planning of construction activities. We have extensive experience in these types of projects and are adept at preparing clear and easy to understand repair/replacement packages in order to help outages/relines run smoothly. The most common examples of these types of projects include blast furnace relines or BOF outages.




Safety is our top priority in everything we do. Enspect, Inc. is an ISNetworld subscriber and maintains an “A” rating at participating client’s facilities. We have a comprehensive in-house safety program which is mandatory for all employees that access our client’s facilities. Enspect, Inc. has written policies and procedures for circumstances we encounter at our clients facilities, including but not limited to, confined space entry, lockout/ tagout, man lift operations and fall protection. All Enspect, Inc. field personnel have completed the OSHA 10 hour training.